We are currently seeking for a Japanese / English Bilingual FDA Regulatory Specialist for our client!
The company is growing and looking for regulatory professionals of all levels to join as employees. As they are currently in a period of significant expansion, there are multiple positions open for individuals with a range of skills and experience.
Recent grad, entry level and OPT STEM candidates are welcome!

タイプ 正社員
言語 英語+日本語
仕事内容 【Responsibilities and Duties】
・Work with clients to develop regulatory strategies and plans for FDA
・Conduct intense, accurate regulations and market research on various industries (FDA, EPA, USDA, state, city, food, etc.)
・Work with an internal and external project team and client to meet regulatory deadlines, respond to FDA issues and assure integrity of submissions
・Provide advice on drug development strategies
・Act as a liaison between clients and regulatory agencies including translation to and from Japanese and English
・Other duties assigned
都市 ガーデナ
勤務時間 9:00am-6:00pm (Negotiable)
給与 $40K- 70K/year
応募条件 【Qualifications】
・Japanese Fluency - Professional Working to Native Level
・Bachelor degrees in a science field necessary, master’s or Phd's preferred
・Demonstrated knowledge of FDA requirements
・Working experience in related fields such as medical, pharmaceutical or food industry
福利厚生 - Benefit: Competitive employee benefits package (Insurance, 401k, Sick Leave, Paid Vacation etc)
- Visa Support may be considered.
No. 1222

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