We are now seeking for a Japanese/English Bilingual E-commerce Specialist for our client.
The company is a leading clothing and fashion accessories chain from Japan, and just opened its first U.S. store on Melrose Avenue January 2018.

A successful E-commerce Specialist will be responsible for maintaining and updating e-commerce platforms that the company sells its products on as well as help with operations, fulfillment, shipping, warehousing and reconciliation for all the projects and platforms.

タイプ 正社員
言語 英語+日本語
仕事内容 【Responsibilities and Duties】
・Update listings to optimize customer experience and monitor accuracy of product content, product availability.
・Ensure inventory items are properly labeled with appropriate tags and labels that meet their standards
・Assist other teams such as engineer, designer, analyst teams in SEO strategies and initiatives by ensuring sites are properly optimized for search engine success.
・Work with store managements and sourcing to effectively manage flow of inventory into the warehouse.
・Other responsibilities as assigned by management.
都市 トーランス
勤務時間 9:00am-6:00pm
給与 $45K- 50K/year
応募条件 【Qualifications】
・Fluency in Japanese - Conversation to Business Level
・Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience, preferably in E-commerce, Apparel industry and Inventory control
・In depth understanding of fashion brands and apparel ls a plus.
・Ability to multi-task, follow instructions, work on a deadline, and be a fast learner.
福利厚生 Benefit: Competitive employee benefits package (Insurance, Sick Leave, Paid Vacation etc)
No. 1237


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