・月間約10万件以上のアクセスを誇る そして全米最大の発行部数を誇る日本語無料情報誌 U.S. FrontLine は御社の広告をお待ちしております。


U.S. FrontLine is a Japanese-language nationwide magazine that has the largest circulation in the U.S. With all colored pages, we feature news reports, analysis and commentary on American economics and upcoming US-Japan business trends.

At the same time, our coverage dives into everything people need such as entertainment news, health topics, food reviews, community updates and job placement information. You can find our magazines primarily at Japanese grocery stores and restaurants throughout the U.S.

Our website “” is the sole website in the U.S. that delivers American news and information in Japanese. Since we made a complete renewal in October 2015 to unify the contents on our publication, the unique page view has greatly increased.

Our website reaches many types of Japanese users, business person from Japan and their families, the people have a plan to come to the U.S near future, the people want to get up to date trend in the U.S. in Japan, business owner in the U.S. and students.


Publication Profile

Founded: February 1992
Language: Japanese
Frequency: Monthly (12 issue/year )
Trim Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″
Circulation: 70,000
Distribution of copies: 33 States, 310 locations

Distribution East
New York City 13,700 Atlanta, GA 1,200
NY, NJ & CT 8,000 Detroit, MI & OH 5,000
Boston, MA 1,500 Chicago, IL 3,500
Washington, DC 1,500 Other Area 600
Total 35,000
Distribution West
Dallas, Houston, TX 3,500 LA, San Diego, CA & NV 22,000
Seattle, WA 2,100 Portland, OR 800
SF, San Jose, CA 5,500 Other Area 1,100
Total 35,000


Subscriber Profile

Representatives of Japanese companies, Independent business owners (restaurant, hair salon, grocery, travel agent, real estate agent), Specialists (doctor, lawyer), students, housewives and their families

Age Income
18 and under 2.0% 0K 12.0%
19-23yrs 4.0% 0-50K 13.0%
24-30yrs 23.0% 50-70K 14.0%
31-40yrs 35.0% 70-100K 15.0%
41-50yrs 30.0% 100-150K 14.0%
51-60yrs 4.0% 150-200K 12.0%
61 over 2.0% 200-250K 10.0%
250-300K 7.0%
300K- 3.0%


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